About Us

  • RBz World PVT. Limited is built on the following core values

    ■ Ultimate performance and reliability

    ■ Personalized and dependable customer service

    ■ This all is offered at the most economical price

    Unsurpassed Performance

    RBz World maintains its technical infrastructure in highly prestigious data centers of USA , that is connected to a fully meshed and redundant with 11 backbone providers. Among all the servers maintained by RBz World, there exists a further VLAN that is safeguarded by a firewall. A very stringent observation of QoS parameters is what brings you the most reliable service.

    Reliable and Friendly Support

    We at RBz World are committed to providing the fastest and the most responsive customer service. All the e-mails are answered within 30 minutes, and all calls are attended personally by technical/support staff. Providing the solutions, and not just hosting.

    Providing the solutions, and not just hosting

    We realize the fact like no other that different people need different solutions and we provide solutions that will cater for your every need. Wether you are a individual and need a simple personal web site or represent an enterprise with that requires a complicated hosting solution, we have it.